At Abundant Health Arizona we are committed to treating the underlying causes of disease rather than focus on illness based issues.

Allergies: The Immune System in Overdrive

Almost everyone is allergic to something, but even if you are one of the lucky few who aren’t, you know someone who is. At a certain time in the spring or fall, your eyes grow itchy and turn red and puffy; your nose gets stuffed up and you develop a cough; you feel...

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Most Effective

Chiropractic adjustments serve to re-establish normal vertebral motion and position in the spine. All other treatments only serve to decrease the symptoms of the problem and do not correct the problem itself. After fifteen plus years as a patient and ten...

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Emotional Freedom

The first chapter of any physiology textbook will confirm our emotions have a direct impact on the function of our body. Using strategies to deal with emotions effectively can reduce the effects of emotions and stress on the body and save vital reserves for future...

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Chiropractic and Asthma

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective ways to help the body heal from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and many other types of musculoskeletal problems. But did you know that it has even been shown to be effective in improving the symptoms of...

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Neck Pain Solutions

Neck Pain Study Finds Chiropractic More Effective Than Medication Medications can be lifesaving, but daily use can lead to toxicity and a diminished liver function. Natural, drug free approaches to relieving pain, such as chiropractic care can be more effective and...

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Eight Foods that Help Fight Allergies

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet and avoiding foods that cause inflammation can support your immune system and ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies. In this article, learn about eight foods that can help support your immune system when you’re feeling the...

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Here’s Why You Should Book Your Next Massage ASAP

We offer massage therapy because any time you spend in a relaxed state, is an opportunity for healing. In addition, muscle tissue that has been tensed by the stresses of emotional upsets, strenuous work, metabolic imbalance and even being sedentary can benefit from...

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