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At Abundant Health Arizona we are committed to treating the underlying causes of disease rather than focus on illness based issues.


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Whole Body Wellness

Chiropractic Care

Enjoy gentle chiropractic care that is guided by your body’s reflexes. This natural and drug-free approach will locate, correct and prevent joint dysfunctions, and address the brain body connection that plays a vital role in keeping your body functioning at its best. Our advanced treatment strategies focus on the underlying neural spinal structural, behavioral and perception patterns that create pain, chronic illness and other concerns.

Allergy Solutions

Now, you can treat the cause of your allergies safely and effectively and provide valuable support to your immune system. Your body’s triggers can be identified through a number of tests including body response testing, frequency scans and genetic variation testing. Once you are evaluated, Dr. Carla will provide a comprehensive treatment plan to address your whole body and reduce allergy symptoms. 

Therapeutic Resources

Once the root cause of your issue is determined, your body needs support to maintain a state of healing and growth and to repair deficiencies created by years of ill health and poor nutrition. We have state of the art equipment to augment your treatment plan and provide a relaxing oasis of healing and relaxation for you at each visit.


New Patients

Our patients come to us from all over the valley, and even a few travel from other states for the comprehensive and healing care of Abundant Health Arizona.

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What People Are Saying

Karen F.

Karen F.

Fresno, California

“Dr. Carla is one of the most positive people I’ve had the pleasure meeting. She really walks her talk and has inspired me personally and professionally. Her relational style put me right at ease…I highly recommend Carla if you are looking for support to make changes in your life!”
Mandy M.

Mandy M.

Salado, Texas

“Dr. Carla has an amazing ability to tap into the subtleties of communicating with the body and can help you clean out past trauma and negative thoughts that plague everyday existence. I have such a better outlook and my chronic back pain has resolved! Who knew pain was related to emotions!?
Kat F.

Kat F.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Dr. Carla’s compassion and dedication are clear with every aspect of her practice. She cares deeply, and takes a multi-faceted approach to find the optimal modality to enhance healing. She is completely focused on you! She’s an amazing, down to earth, and genuine healer.
Johanna N.

Johanna N.

Nashua, New Hampshire

Dr. Carla is an amazing healer. Her abilities come from a fantastic blend of intuition and dedication to knowledge. I was grateful for my time under her care.

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Allergies: The Immune System in Overdrive

Almost everyone is allergic to something, but even if you are one of the lucky few who aren’t, you know someone who is. At a certain time in the spring or fall, your eyes grow itchy and turn red and puffy; your nose gets stuffed up and you develop a cough; you feel...

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Most Effective

Chiropractic adjustments serve to re-establish normal vertebral motion and position in the spine. All other treatments only serve to decrease the symptoms of the problem and do not correct the problem itself. After fifteen plus years as a patient and ten...

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